Making the right choice for maximum ROI

Specifying a structured cabling system that will meet the long-term communication needs of your company is a challenging task. It is vital to install a system that provides optimum performance with adequate headroom to accommodate future technology. The system must also be flexible, able to provide unfailing end-to-end performance regardless of the number of moves, adds and changes made.

As an investment, your physical network infrastructure can provide exceptional returns. At ITC we can help you make the right choice, reducing management costs and achieving maximum ROI.

LAN elements:
  • LAN Hardware
  • Cat5e Infrastructure
  • Cat6 Infrastructure
  • Fibre Optic Distribution Systems
  • Voice Backbone Cabling
  • Telephone Systems

By choosing ITC, you will be bringing on board a team of specialists who have been responsible for implementing communication systems for central government, military, health, media and finance, amongst many other industries.

The ITC service benefits:

  • Professionalism - Expert RCDD designers and BICSI installers that work
    in depth with you to design and specify the works to be undertaken
  • Cost-efficiency & ROI - Selecting the right infrastructure and exacting installation for minimal maintenance
  • Reliability - of our staff and our systems – only the best engineers employed, only the industries leading technologies installed
  • Flexibility - to meet your future needs
  • Longevity - through our 25 year warranty guarantee
  • Peace of mind - that the very best solution is installed

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